Many terms used in slot Machine


Online casino is very popular to play different types of games. One among them is the slot machine game which is popular among both beginners and veterans. Many players have won huge amount by playing the เว็บสล็อต games. For the beginners it may take some time to understand the terms used in slot machine. Let us discuss about some of the terms used in slot machine games so that it will be helpful for the beginners when they face these new terms while playing the game. Some terms may be new to the veterans also.

    • 3D slots: These are slot games which consist of extreme level of images which give the three dimensional effect to the image.
    • 3, 5&6 reel: It is very simple, as per the number the slot machine will have those many spinning column of symbols. The result will be the same in all the games but there will be more features in 6 reel games.
    • Action: This tells about the total amount one person has kept on bet for some particular time. Casino uses this information to activate few bonus offers related to the total amount.
    • All ways: these are the slot machine in which the winning combination is considered from left to right and right to left.
    • Autospin or autoplay: It is an option given to the players in casino where they can setup a fixed amount of bet and also the spins and the system will automatically complete the game. You have the leverage to change the autoplay option after each game is completed.
    • Bonus round: It is an even which occurs while you are playing the game in this round you will be playing for the some extra amount.
    • Buy a pay: This is a type of payouts given to the players when they bet certain amount for each game.
    • Fixed jackpot: It is jackpot with fixed amount. This amount can be wined by the player when they get the combination which is set for jackpot.
  • Free play: It allows the players to play games without real cash.
  • Line bet: This tells how much a player is betting for the slot games. In case the player wins the game the amount to be payee is determined by this betting amount.
  • Scatter: It is the symbol which all players would like to see while they are playing games. This symbol unlocks some feature or bonus in the game.


Hope this information will be helpful while you’re playing the slot games and you will learn these terms soon.

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