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Play pokdeng card game

Many people are started to play online gambling games, thus people stick to the gamble play as the best entertainment and keep on trying out their luck. If you check on the casino play, there are several gaming varieties to make the players to enjoy. But, the thirst for change never leaves all, in such case being an active gamble player and check out for a new gamble play to enjoy and gain lots of fun then you better have to try ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์. Pokdeng is one of the casino card games which are widely played in Thailand casinos. This card game has complied with a 2 – 6 and more team players where each of the players is given with two cards along with the dealer. Similar to all other card games here also players who hold the highest card value either 98 or 9 pokes won the game and get a chance of looting a huge sum as prize rewards.

How to become a master in pokdeng?

Each gambler tries to be a master in their desired gambling play which would help them a lot to grasps all strategies and to make the right move to attain success. When it comes to pokdeng becoming a master in the game is easy but you should well aware of the gaming rules and how to move the game. Excited to know about them continue further.

Play pokdeng card game

Rules should be followed in the pokdeng game:

Similar to other card games ป๊อกเด้ง here also, there are rules to be followed which cannot be omitted by any players which are listed below:

  • The game is played between dealers and players where dealers dealt the card and the specified card is compared with cards of other players.
  • While playing each player is bid to choose the dealer based on the betting system if none of the players is ready to be a dealer then the system randomly chooses a player to be a dealer and initiate the game with a bet.
  • The players can be dealt with the dealer’s hands and have multiple draws till their card values remains equal or lower to 17.
  • Although players have multiple hands to draw cards, the cards cannot be shared between hands that are if a player has a poke and complies with the player with non-poke then he should only draw a card from the deck not to from another player.

In addition to all these rules, the dealer has a special opportunity to check for other players’ card values who hold three cards based on that dealer can decide to draw the card from the deck. The interesting right still there are more things available which can be explored when you start playing the game just login into the dragonclub99 site and start playing your pokdeng game and enjoy having fun!

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