Poker – The game of 7 cards


Like we talked about before there are a number of variations of games available, and they all have different ways and rules on how it should be played. In poker there are a countless amount of games some of it you probably haven’t even heard of, but trust me it’s there. One of the most popular games is the 7-Card Stud, it may not be as popular as the Texas Hold’em down or Omaha, but it is still very popular amongst a lot of people.

What is 7-Card Stud?


This game was actually one of the first and most popular, it being one of the classics, before the other games started to come into play. So this game where players are individually dealt 7 cards throughout the hand. The objective of this game is to have the best five cards at the end with your hand of 7 cards. Here it is played with a limit betting structure, which means that the bets are in fixed increments and cannot be changed. Overall this is the basis of this game, and even though it may seem easy it takes a lifetime for you to fully gain control and a good understanding of the game.

Things to keep in mind

Stud poker has been around more ages, and with that the strategies have also evolved, so you have to know your strategies. However if this is your first time paying 7-Card Stud is the best way to go because it is easy to understand, and there is also a fixed limit. This is good because it does not have specific or require any significant decisions on how much is needed to bet and so on. Plus it is much more forgiving than other games when you make a mistake. So if you’re a beginner then this is for you. Visit to know more.

How can you improve your chances at winning?

All games have strategy involved in them, if you strategize well you can increase your chances at winning. It’s very important that you observe your opponents and know or gain a few ideas on their tells, and since this game has a fixed limit it is difficult to frequently bluff. So make sure that you carefully observe them, and how they place their cards and how much they have. If you do this you can surely increase your chances of winning.

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