Marked Cards and Marking Cards with the Luminous Ink

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There’re two ways of having the marked cards. First is you can buy invisible ink pen or luminous ink kit & mark your cards and second is buying the professionally marked cards for sale from the supplier that can be professionally marked by the luminous ink printer. Both the way has got their pros & cons let us go through both of them in detail. 

Checking Both the Methods

If you are marking your cards, then this option will get a bit tedious, but will save you some money. Here are some pros and cons of using this option. Positive effect of using this option is it is inexpensive and can mark your way. By adding the letter, symbol, number, will be customized as per your requirements! Cons of selecting this method is experience & time related. Labor of painting one cards deck will cost you 4 to 6 hours and add in an experience factor! First time you paint on the deck can be messy. It isn’t a very simple process, this takes several hours and after continuous you will learn to do this process perfectly. Other con is you will be able to use just the luminous ink on the paper based cards such as Bee and Bicycle. So the most effective products you can use for such option will be luminous ink kit or luminous ink marking pen from

Playing Cards

Choosing the Right Dealer

Buying the marked cards from a supplier, this option will be highly expensive, but better quality & less stressful. Let us look at some pros and cons of using this option. Positive effect of using this technique is that it’s very simple to click one button and order one, three pack, five pack, or ten pack of the marked cards. Stress level is very less and there is no experience required! These cards are delivered and professionally rewrapped to look new! So, any deck can easily be painted so you do not have to worry of having the specific brand. These marks are invisible to any naked eye; still they are clear with best quality if you have infrared sunglasses and infrared contacts equipped. These markings do not fade and can be permanent. An only con for the method is its financial cost. 

Final Words

But, if you choose the right dealer, you can get the marked cards in a very good price range. Finally, we saw that purchasing marked cards will be highly beneficial method, but obviously costly option as it needs no skill or effort. Using mark-it-yourself choice, we found this to be very inexpensive, however, labor is needed. So, which option you are finding it better? With the new found knowledge are you keen to change the old techniques?

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