Is it legal to bet on football online?


Divergence In Views

In most countries that permit online gambling website like, betting on football is held to be a safe avenue for betters. Democratic countries in Europe and elsewhere have not only accepted this form of betting but have actually welcomed the influx of wealth that such betting activities create. Some countries even go so far as to pass on tax benefits to betters in the form of exemptions, thereby actually encouraging football betting.

The fact is that most online betting allows far greater transparency than does betting on the ground. Gambling on the ground, football included, is often wrapped in a murky fog of secrecy and conspiracy. This has given gambling a bad name throughout the centuries. However, with the advent of the online version of gambling, this aura of disreputability has steadily diminished. Of course, human nature what it is, the dark forces may flare up any time. But in the meantime, the authorities turn a blind eye to the legality of Online Football Betting.

Now For The Other Side

Gambling is often considered to be the largest recreational activity of all Americans. Americans just love gambling, even in the most innocuous ways. It is considered a way of life here and is entrenched in America’s history. It is therefore surprising that the authorities here have always regarded gambling with suspicion, perhaps mainly because of its connections with the Prohibition days. The Federal Government has always striven to impose harsh gambling laws, which the American population has always opposed. Thus, when online gambling came into being, the authorities have never accepted it as a legal activity.

The matter became serious enough for the Supreme Court to intervene, and allow many signatory states to determine the legality, or otherwise, of Online Football Betting, independently of Federal regulations. The Interstate Wire Act was mainly used by the Federal regulators against the legality of Internet gambling. But in 2002, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that the Wire Act only pertained to sporting events on the ground, and not to Internet gambling. At present because it is legal overseas, the U.S. sports betters’ only legal avenue for betting online is to bet offshore with online gambling sites. Like Bovada, these sites are based in islands overseas. While, football betting online is perfectly legal in many gambling countries, Americans are forced to use round-about means for online betting.

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